Severe depression, anxiety and insomnia, just cure at home

[Tianqing Body Penetrating]2020-05-26 07:52:30
Moxibustion improves sleep Serious insomnia, I insomnia before serious, often do not sleep all night, and then get up in the morning flustered, shortness of breath, nothing to do. After two years of sleeping pills, I have become dependent. After moxibustion for more than half a mon>>>>word number196
[Morning Morning]2020-05-26 06:34:39
20 years of pain I have a serious stomach disease, multiple gallstones, because of various reasons caused me serious insomnia, sometimes eat valium can not sleep, all kinds of Chinese medicine, western medicine, folk prescription, health care products to eat countless. Fi>>>>word number527
[Chen Moran]2020-06-19 14:35:59
The 70 year old man had a fever of unknown origin for nearly a year, and vaporized moxibustion for half a month My father, 70 years old, has an unexplained fever for more than a year. He has been hospitalized for nearly four months with antibiotics and has taken Chinese medicine for more than three months. Moxibustion was started on May 9. In the evening of that da>>>>word number789
[Weiran]2020-06-19 13:13:56
Severe insomnia, gallbladder polyps The teacher told me to stop all the medicine moxibustion. At the beginning of moxibustion, the cold wind came out from behind. The whole body was cold, and the fire could not remove the cold. On the first day, there were two big blisters, but later for a >>>>word number576
[cobblestone]2020-06-03 05:39:52
Get back to sleep, so happy!

When I moxibustion the seventh day, the harvest is full! I`ll never sleep with you all night! Sleep well every night! Even better than before insomnia, not so many dreams. When I wash my hair, I can`t lose a few hairs. In the past, I was afraid that I >>>>word number239

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Moxibustion experience and moxibustion experience sharing, but also facilitate their own memories ha ha The sudden cold during the month of birth has been greatly changed, because moxibustion time is not long, is still in the learning period, so to share their own experience, can also help memory.>>>>word number508
[Translated by Cui Wen]2020-05-25 10:43:45
Intractable insomnia for more than ten years I`ve been doing vaporization moxibustion for two months. Before moxibustion, when I lie down and sleep, I always feel flustered, and I can`t sleep over and over. I have insomnia all night, and sometimes I have convulsions and a sense of dying. At night, I>>>>word number226
[Zhang Juan]2020-05-25 10:34:51
Moxibustion Day 61 to May 25 It`s about half a month since the last sharing. Why didn`t you share it for such a long time? Please see the details below>>>>word number151
[glowworm]2020-05-25 10:38:14
Summary of vaporization moxibustion I started vaporization Moxibustion after reading the article of Mr. Ke Ke every day. It was about March 20 that I started vaporization moxibustion. Before, it was Acupoint Moxibustion. I didn`t sleep very well before. I slept for several days, and then I >>>>word number286
[rabbit]2020-06-03 05:42:11
Yin Yang gasification moxibustion can repair gastrointestinal function quickly. The stool frequency is many, cannot eat, awakes early, the waist ache. Heart and lung function is not good,!>>>>word number292