Severe depression, anxiety and insomnia, just cure at home

[Aikang]2023-02-15 10:24:33
Insomnia, rheumatoid arthritis, deformed fingers, stiff limbs, pain in the joints of the whole body, Sjogren`s syndrome, and Vaporizing Moxibustion for 700 days At the age of 58, I suffer from choroidal melanoma in my right eye. I underwent adhesive radiation therapy surgery in January 2019 and have been taking Chinese medicine for recovery ever since. I also had a thyroid cyst surgery over 20 years ago and curre>>>>word number581
[阳光明媚]2022-12-23 16:12:52
The second sharing, 622 days of Vaporizing Moxibustion, fever treatment process After more than 600 days of moxibustion with my mentor, I also became positive this time, and finally got a fever. At the beginning, it was 37 degrees 7, and then it was 38 degrees 4. This made me surprised and pleased. I was glad that I had not had a fev>>>>word number548
[Fengrun]2024-04-02 18:05:20
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[Sister Cai]2022-02-16 15:07:50
Pulmonary nodules are afraid of cold and have a bad spleen and stomach for 20 years. Finally, I found the teacher of moxibustion I am 65 years old. I have a weak constitution since I was a child, especially the poor spleen and stomach. After giving birth to my son, I have stomach distention and stomachache. I fart a lot and stink. I drink a mouthful of water and am very afraid of t>>>>word number883
[Wu Baihan]2023-12-30 13:51:36
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[Fengrun]2022-01-12 11:29:13
After 280 days of vaporization moxibustion, I slept much better and had insomnia for more than ten years. Now I can live a normal life. Facts have proved that I am not mentally ill Life is only a hundred years. If a white horse crosses the gap, it has been moxibustion for a year in the twinkling of an eye. I have improved a lot, especially in the area of sleep. This year, I didn`t open western medicine in the hospital and didn`t eat>>>>word number496
[kele]2020-08-18 22:14:05
Share of expelling diseases on 564th day of vaporization moxibustion These days have no appetite, just want to drink hot water, powerless, low mood. At night moxibustion and vomit a lot of sticky out, spit out, feel a lot of relaxed stomach, mood also suddenly bright. Since I picked up the moxa stick on February 1, 2019, m>>>>word number192
[Fengrun]2023-02-05 12:19:30
51-year-old, suffering from insomnia for more than ten years, sweating with climacteric syndrome, easy to catch a cold, having acne on his face, hair falling out in a large number, frequent eczema, shoulder and neck pain, low back pain, leg pain, loose st Today, I have been moxibustion for 666 days. It is a memorable day. I have been expelling cold all the year. My right arm is expelling cold. I feel cold in the summer. I can`t remember when I will not expel cold any more. The periarthritis of shoulder is >>>>word number199
[The wind in summer]2020-09-18 10:06:33
Changes of body in a week of Qi moxibustion It has been 7 or 8 years since omeprazole and lansopra troche are used to treat gastritis. People with stomach diseases know that they are better after taking medicine. If they stop taking medicine, they will make mistakes. If they can`t be cured, they wi>>>>word number428
[Wu Baihan]2024-03-12 13:26:38
Five year old child Vaporizing Moxibustion for 375 days, all supplements are lies Yesterday, I went around the pregnancy and baby store and now they also promote health products for children. They say it`s time for children to grow up in spring, with various types of calcium, iron, zinc, and vitamins. Thinking back, it used to be like >>>>word number254