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The body with iron walls is blocked and opened at the back perseverance prevails. After 4 months of moxibustion, the back was blocked, and finally the moxibustion got through a lot. This is due to the teacher`s guidance and his persistence in moxibustion. When moxibustion fails, moxibustion on the back is like ca>>>>word number489
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All kinds of reactions after moxibustion have been sought medical advice for more than ten years and vaporized moxibustion for 10 months Recently, there has been no particularly large rejection reaction. I share some reactions of Moxibustion in recent 10 months for the reference of New Moxibustion friends. At the beginning of moxibustion, before moxibustion, the skin will tingle and bliste>>>>word number394
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Vaporization moxibustion 5 months, sleep better and better, get through the feeling of blood stasis is very magical In the recent month, the reaction of moxibustion is continuous burping, spitting white phlegm or white foam every day, and sleep improved. I can sleep on the night shift. Good mood, good spirit, working every day feel energetic. During this period of moxi>>>>word number52
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After moxibustion for three months, the urine and stool were normal Moxibustion for three months, urine and urine were normal. Before the stool was very thin, like a small finger as thin, now a lot of thick. Before urination, it is very few, and it is like a thread, just like being squeezed out of the urethral orifice. Be>>>>word number114
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In case of any problems, communicate with Mr. Cola in time, and don`t take a detour. After moxibustion for more than two months, my physical condition is getting better and better day by day. I can eat and sleep. I am very happy to see that others share the painful reactions of discharging diseases. I feel that I will not have those react>>>>word number200
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Recently, after moxibustion on my stomach, I feel that the blockage is a little bit open, because I can hear the gurgling, because I can hear the sound of gurgling, and I also feel the gas burst in my stomach Recently, I felt a little bit of blockage in my stomach after moxibustion, because I could hear gurgling, because I could hear the sound of gurgling, and I also felt that the gas in my stomach burst. That is to say, these garbage can`t be discharged becau>>>>word number312
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This week`s moxibustion body reaction changes. During this period of time, I didn`t report moxibustion feeling with cola teacher. Because I feel that the change is not too big, but there are still subtle changes. Now I`ll give a brief account of the changes in this paragraph. A few days ago, during mo>>>>word number314
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Without any problems in western medicine examination, I have been on the road of traditional Chinese medicine for more than ten years The blood sugar is not high, the blood fat is normal, the blood pressure is normal, the heart blood vessel is normal. In front of Western medicine, I am a normal person. But only I know the pain. For more than ten years, I couldn`t sleep all night. I don`>>>>word number639
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Thank you for meeting me and making friends with AI When I was young, I didn`t know how to keep fit. I ate a lot of cold drinks. In summer, I drank cold beer as water. In winter, I wore very little for the sake of bad smell. In addition, he is quick tempered and angry. He was in bad health for a time. Inso>>>>word number291