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[Careless 41386]2022-02-04 18:03:48
Moxibustion has been shared for a month. She has insomnia for more than 30 years. She is as thin as a wood. She used to be blood and tears. She has tried various treatments Moxibustion for a month. Mr. coke, brother Niu, I`ve been brewing for two days, but I still can`t write and share. It`s too painful, too depressed and too painful. It`s all blood and tears. It`s unbearable to look back on the past! In the native family, t>>>>word number1628
[Xiao Hong]2023-04-20 15:16:10
Vaporizing Moxibustion for a month, sharing for the first time. This time, the cough and moxibustion have recovered without taking medication. My child has been saved At the end of March, at the age of 6, he is currently eating less, with large bags under his eyes, and likes to blink. He sweats at night, feeling very hot. After 1 year old, he has a cold, fever, cough, hot at night, sweating, crying bitterly, and night >>>>word number580
[Prime 1]2021-12-08 22:01:28
Vaporization moxibustion for the first time in six months I had a sore throat and didn`t sleep much for two days and nights. I coughed and spit out a mouthful of yellow phlegm this morning. The teacher asked me to moxibustion for two hours. The spitting has been yellow and white for two hours. Now my throat is f>>>>word number249
[Meter meter]2023-11-08 22:01:37
Vitiligo insomnia Vaporizing Moxibustion for 739 days, sharing for the second time, mycoplasma positive COVID-19 two positive, moxibustion is ready From the end of September to October, all three of my family coughed one after another. At that time, I even asked the mentor if there was a pandemic. It`s never been good. I took my child to test positive for Mycoplasma two days ago. I guess our whole fa>>>>word number198
[gx]2021-10-27 10:24:26
After nine and a half months, I finally got sick. 281 days, I finally looked forward to the disease elimination reaction. I vomited sour water, white phlegm and pain all over my body. Since the amount of moxibustion was increased in July, my body has been changing every day. The teacher has constantly he>>>>word number359
[kele]2021-05-01 08:18:29
low cost cure all diseases at home. Platform Disclaimer: take all risk by self, don't imitate at will We guarantee that patients` cases will be shared by themselves. But we can`t guarantee that every patient can persist to cure. Please consult doctor before treatment select .>>>>word number1560
[Ren Haiyan]2023-11-18 17:11:20
16th sharing, vomiting and vomiting again Hello, mentor Cola?? Last night, I fell ill in the back row after dinner. First I had stomach pain, then I had to defecate, and then I had pain around my navel. After a while, I began to vomit, and the food I vomited was sour, water, and mucus. After vomi>>>>word number205
[Cui Lijun]2023-11-06 21:20:13
I have been suffering from insomnia since childhood and have had two episodes of illness since moxibustion for over a year I once had a brain injury before, and since then, I haven`t slept very well. At the age of fifteen, around twenty, I like to eat cold foods such as popsicles and watermelons. By the age of thirty, I don`t dare to eat them anymore, and my spleen and stomac>>>>word number309
[Prime 1]2022-12-18 12:05:29
For the fourth time, after 563 days of Vaporizing Moxibustion, my son COVID-19 and I were positive, and we had a fever without medication My son and I are both Yang. Tell us about our experience. My son had a fever of 39.4 on the first day. It hurts all over. Because my son also moxibustion with the mentor. So I didn`t panic at all. According to the mentor`s guidance, the moxibustion temper>>>>word number466
[Wang Qian]2023-10-28 09:47:30
I have been moxibustion for over a year, from the brink of death to now, every day is getting better and better mentor, I can`t help but make a summary. 1. My body is now growing flesh, and when I meet acquaintances, I say my complexion is much better, and I am a bit pale and bloody. 2. The body feels much smoother, and the feeling of being blocked like concrete in>>>>word number518